The Professor lands on… Hiatus

[the newly refurbished cortex of The Professor, complete with expanded hippocampus; february 2015]

[the newly refurbished cortex of The Professor, complete with expanded hippocampus—unfortunately not visible from this angle; february 2015]

The Professor offers his most sincere apologies for the current ongoing delay in putting his thoughts into aggregate sharable form. The charms and challenges of the always-elusive written word, as alluring as ever, have nonetheless proven daunting to The Professor for the last two months. More to the point, the short essays that have thus far populated the site have been intended to communicate that, whatever form the writings herein may take in the reader’s mind, this certainly is not a blog. External factors have played a role in the present publication delay as well; The Professor’s month of January was dominated by a most stubborn cold; and, February has been given over to both expansion of The Professor’s most precious hippocampal region, as well as to catching-up with various events of the new year. But rest assured [and be prepared to read assuredly]: new posts are on their way, are even now being created—and that’s why they call him The Professor.


2 responses to “The Professor lands on… Hiatus

    • YR
      It has been too long, way too long, since we have seen each other.
      Can you drop what you’re doing, cancel your appointments, put your pets in a shelter, and come over?
      I’m only half-kidding — but I really would like to see you soon!
      Call me 415 345 8485, or write, ssh

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