About The Professor

[this is what it looks like when The Professor does his thing, professing in the 1st-person, giving the 3rd-degree]

[this is what it looks like when The Professor does his thing: professing in the 1st-person, doing it as if it was his 2nd-nature, and giving it the 3rd-degree while doing so]

Dear and Precious Reader:
By purpose and by principle, this is not a blog for everyone. Or likely many people at all. In fact, it was written first and foremost for the person writing it: The Professor, the online identity chosen by me, Steven Skov Holt. It is a safe place where I can thoughtfully [or not] pursue subjects and concerns that are personally compelling to me. “The Professor” is both alter-ego and liminal literary device, a 3rd-person construct that makes it easier [and/or provides a greater sense of freedom] to address certain topics or to allow him to entertain otherwise difficult-to-reach perspectives that he is preoccupied by [and with]. Additionally, “The Professor” is referred to as “The Young Professor” in those posts and story details where he is an infant, boy, or high-school student [also corresponding to the mid-1970s time period]. Much, but not all, of his writing concerns the visual and material culture of 20th and 21st century society; a fraction of the writings find their focus in the interplay between memory and the natural world [reflecting a childhood rooted in rural Connecticut]. The Professor is aware that his writing can be, by turns, willfully digressive, long-winded by most online/blog-based standards, geared toward bringing past experiences into alignment with somewhat fuzzier future idea[l]s, and in its tone, texture and tenor, both intentionally obfuscatory [like now] and entertainingly candid [see below, hopefully]. But throughout each and every of his endeavors, written here or otherwise, The Professor’s aim in his remaining days, months and years is to show that he cares and that an appropriate creative process is inherently about the same thing: to write, to make, to design is a way to show care.
Toward these ends, The Professor endeavors to always:
     Search for the pattern that connects
     Remember that the map is not the territory
     Share the belief that nature is the great teacher
     Be an advocate for curiosity and the new generation of students
     Be a purveyor of hope and optimism
     Not start forest fires!
     Live life at the Venn diagram intersection between art, craft and design…
     …and that’s why they call me The Professor.

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