The Professor Takes a Break, Well-Deserved or Not

[part of the family]

[part of the east coast family, red sox division]

The Professor has not posted recently due to the fact that he has been on a break visiting the east coast. Historically, August has been the month of real tomatoes, fresh-picked corn and iced-tea brewed in the sun, and so it was this time as well for The Professor in Connecticut. Besides all of that, there was extensive riding around town in an open-air Jeep named the Red Dragon, watching the Red Sox on NESN, and getting to see his extended family and a handful of dear friends. What a life! If only the cross-country flight wasn’t so taxing he’d go east more often, but at least he found a way to think himself through the difficult and dodgy parts of the United terminal at the O’Hare megalopolis, and that’s why they call him The Professor.


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